Triangular Floral Arrangements

How to Create Triangular Floral ArrangementsFlower

The Triangular arrangements are one sided designs and are only seen from one direction. For this reason, these designs can be placed in limited locations where the back of the design is facing away from the audience. Triangular designs work great on larger entry desks.

Links for Triangle Designs:

Making Trianular Designs

Construction Steps for Triangular Floral Arrangements

Before beginning a Triangular arrangement, choose a container that has the appropriate size and proportion with finished Triangular design. For Triangular arrangements, bowls, goblets, even low containers will work, depending on the weight and balance of the whole arrangement.

  1. Soak the flower foam in a mixture of warm water and floral preservative until it is completely soaked.
  2. Add warm water mixed with floral preservative to the container.
  3. Cut floral foam to fit container, leaving ½ to 1 inch above the rim. Secure foam in the container with water proof tape.
  4. Choose three primary flowers with tall stems.
  5. Since these designs are most often one-sided, insert the first flower stem towards the back of the block of foam vertically, allowing more foam space for other stem insertions.
  6. Then, add the remaining two tall flowers perpendicular to the rim of the container at each side of the vertical flower to establish a triangular frame work. You may enhance the triangular effect by adding tall foliage behind these three flowers.
  7. Next choose two additional long stem flowers.
  8. Then, insert one of these flowers which have been cut shorter than the first three flowers in front of the first vertical flower, with an angle to the left.
  9. Next, insert the second shorter flower in front of the first vertical flower, with an angle to the left.
  10. Next, establish your focal point by using a different kind of flower, usually a larger one than the other flowers, by cutting this flower shorter than the last three and inserting it perpendicular to the rim of the container in front of the three shorter flowers that you have already inserted. Boost your focal point by adding interesting foliage and filler flowers around the larger flower.
  11. To enhance the Triangular line of the design, you may add more line flowers or long stem of foliage behind the first three flowers which established your triangular framework.
  12. Next, add other flowers and foliage, keeping the line of the design as Triangular as possible.
  13. Cover any empty spots with green foliage to make sure that the foam it is not visible.