Horizontal Floral Arrangements

How to Make Horizontal Floral ArrangementsFlower

The Horizontal arrangements have a strong horizontal line emphasis, one that is parallel with the table top or other plane surfaces. These designs are generally symmetrical. Often, the sides of the arrangement will extend past normal width proportions to enhance the feeling of a horizontal line. This design shape is especially attractive for dining tables. Candles can be used well in this kind of arrangement.

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Creating Horizontal Designs

Construction Steps for Horizontal Flower Arrangements:

Before beginning a Horizontal arrangement, choose a container that has the appropriate size and proportion with finished Horizontal design. For Horizontal arrangements, low and sometimes long containers work best.

  1. Select a low container that is generally oval or rectangular.
  2. Soak the floral foam in a mixture of warm water and floral preservative until it is completely soaked.
  3. Add warm water mixed with floral preservative to the container.
  4. Cut floral foam to fit container, leaving ½ to 1 inch above the rim. Secure foam in the container with water proof tape.
  5. If candles are used, insert them directly into the foam.
  6. Establish the length of the arrangement by applying two line (tall) flowers or foliage, inserting them at a downward angle deep into the foam on two sides of the design.
  7. Insert two shorter stems on the opposite side to establish the narrow width of the framework.
  8. Place a flower in the center to set the height limit.
  9. Add more flowers and foliage near the rim of the container. When viewed from the above, these flower heads and foliage tips should extend out far enough to form a pattern or an oval or diamond.
  10. Add more flowers and foliage to finish the design while keeping the oval or diamond shape.
  11. Cover any empty spots with green foliage to make sure that the foam it is not visible.